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Baruti - a result of the migration.

Migration is not only one of the biggest challenges of our time for EU member states. The main reason for intra- and inter-state migration is unemployment or education disparities: in particular, Kosovo has a marked history of migration, with the German-speaking world a popular destination. Emigration and repatriation means that more than 10,000 inhabitants in Kosovo now speak perfect German. Ascending trend. By establishing a call center, the owners of Baruti identified a business model in order to create a perspective for returnees in Kosovo and thereby, even if only on a small scale, to ease migration pressure. Baruti is now one of the largest private employers in Kosovo.

Media appearances

The showcase example Baruti has found favor with various Swiss media. The highlight of the show is the transfer of Baruti Call Center employees to Zurich, where we were able to showcase our daily work as part of an exhibition in the Le Corbusier Pavilion museum visitors. The eight-week stay with a tantalizing view of Lake Zurich not only made our customer care experts daydream, but also provided them with a better understanding of customers and customer needs in Switzerland.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

"There are at least 10,000 people who speak fluent German in Kosovo. The success story of a call center that three Swiss people with Kosovan roots founded shows that this has considerable potential."

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