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Outsourcing ticket processing

Among other things, our flexibility concept is based on the processing of tickets. Companies use our services not only for their customers but also internally for their employees by integrating Baruti into their help desk system or ticket support management system.


As a proactive partner, Baruti supports you in processing inquiries. Requests are managed as tickets and edited according to the process you have defined.

Baruti is an experienced call center service provider in the processing of tickets and can handle even larger accumulated volumes within a very short time on your behalf.


Directory Platform

  • Ticket processing during product migration

  • Executing termination requests

  • Executing of cancellations

  • Execute down- and upgrade of existing products

  • Classification and forwarding to Customer Care or Retention Team

Sport Shop

  • Written customer consultation (order, delivery)

  • Ticket processing

  • Collaboration with 3rd-level support

  • Transfers and cancellations

  • Callback

Gaming Industry

  • Processing tickets

  • Classification and tickets

  • Clarifications of new cases with developer team

  • Recommendation FAQ extension / improvement

  • Retention by taking appropriate measures

  • Management of orders, licenses and users

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