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Performance increase through outsourcing

You can concentrate on your core business. We actively support you in achieving your quality goals in customer service, in your sales growth goals, identifying leads, and other outsourcing concerns.

Outsourcing of the call center in Kosovo

Outsourcing is a strategic decision, in which the choice of a partner decides decisively on the success.

The owners of Baruti AG became aware of the many German speakers in Kosovo in 2011 and have identified Prishtina as an attractive location for the call center industry. In the meantime, the German- speaking share in Kosovo amounts to more than 10,000 people: almost all of them once lived in the German-speaking world. With more than 400 employees, Baruti is one of the largest employers in Kosovo and, thanks to its cooperation with international companies, makes an important contribution to the transfer of know-how in the country.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Baruti

Concentration on core business

  • After intensive coordination and cooperation in the implementation phase, Baruti works relatively autonomously in regular operations.

  • We support you from the planning to the implementation by a timely and efficient support. 

  • Compared to large companies, the cooperation with us is relatively straightforward: starting new activities is not about lengthy processes but can be confirmed and implemented relatively quickly.

Optimize quality in customer service

  • Baruti guarantees the right of veto: You can decide yourself each time for the suggested employees for your project whether they suit your business or not

  • Trainee Program: The "shared" employees also undergo the Baruti Trainee Program.

  • Training documentation: we document the training and thereby prevent know-how loss.

  • Quality Control: through different instruments, we constantly improve your quality in customer service.

  • Baruti Academy: special trainings can be arranged and executed on request.

  • Team leaders are on the phone, so we guarantee professional fitness.

Cut costs

  • We take on the recruitment of suitable employees and save you this effort-intensive process.

  • Baruti trains the staff to be recruited for you and corrects them through retraining: you save on the training.

  • Baruti documents the training in order to carry out the additional recruitment or replacement of existing employees independently: you save on capacity expansion and fluctuation.

  • Baruti trains team leaders and quality controllers: you save on overhead costs.

  • Baruti works efficiently: you save per minute of processing.

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