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Baruti's pioneering role in Kosovo's Corporate Social Responsibility

As a private employer Baruti has taken a pioneering role in gender equality. Baruti is the first call center to partially fund private health insurance in Kosovo and the first company to introduce paternity leave in Kosovo.


Equal Employer

Equal Employer of the Year - Recognition for Gender Equality Award (2017), USAID.


Equal treatment with different color, religion, origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, physical and mental impairment: Baruti is always working on optimizations and plays a pioneering role in Kosovo in this regard. Baruti is the contact for NGOs and supports them in reintegration projects.

To sensitize employees and the public for sustainability by treating nature respectfully, Baruti has launched the action #barutigoesgreen. Volunteers clean the city and plant trees. For their commitment and initiative, Baruti has been given an award by the City of Prishtina in 2018.

Baruti goes green

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Maternity & Paternity Leave (2017), Swedish Embassy, ​​D4D, Olof Palme International Center.


After the birth of a child, parents should be able to look forward to their happiness and have enough time to adapt to the new reality and to coordinate with each other. Baruti is the first company to introduce paternity leave in Kosovo.

Migrant of the Year

Migrant of the year 2016 - Recognition as Migrant of the Year for Promoting Direct Investment in Kosovo, Ministry of Diaspora Kosovo.


Baruti is entirely a product of migration and is awarded the "Migrant of the year” award by the Government of Kosovo. Thus, the contribution that Baruti has made to the Kosovar economic performance has been recognized.

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