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Telephone lab for market research

Since 2012, Baruti has conducted telephone surveys CATI for well-known market research institutes.


As a proactive partner, Baruti assists you in conducting telephone surveys (CATI). 

We supply you with high-quality telephone interviews in German according to ESOMAR specifications.


Market research: telephone interviews for German market research institutes

  • Social research

  • Political and election research

  • Media research

  • Industry Market Research

  • Financial Market Research

  • Consumer research


After sales service

  • Telephone survey on the last visit

  • Data reconciliation

  • Rescheduling for Follow Up Visit

  • Suggestions for improvement

  • Target: Customer care and analysis

Reach survey

  • Opinion poll on the popularity of various radio stations

  • Initial contact with potential volunteers

  • Target: Representative survey on behalf of local radio stations

Customer satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction survey with existing service provider

  • Survey on attribution of properties to service providers

  • Target: Creation of a representative opinion picture

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