Outbound Call Center

As a German-speaking call center in Kosovo, with its own voices Baruti manages to get you heard by your customers.

Baruti is a benchmark leader for various clients in the prospective customer qualification and thus supports sales as an important element in achieving growth targets.


As a proactive partner, Baruti supports you in the continuous optimization of outgoing customer contacts.

Baruti is an experienced call center service provider for outgoing customer calls, which includes following services:

  • Gaining prospective customers

  • Prospective customer qualification

  • Customer nurturing

  • Product introduction

  • Needs analysis

  • Data reconciliation and/or review

  • Termination

  • Orders processing



  • Data reconciliation: Updating lead list through Desk-research and telephone reconciliation

  • First contact with potential customers

  • Product presentation and prospective customer qualification

  • Cancellation recovery

Media-, Data- & Service Providers

  • Generating Sales Leads for Tech Companies

  • Strengthening brand perception

  • Updating of industry data

  • Shipping whitepaper and qualification through information retrieval

Fleet Management

  • Sales calls and gaining prospective customers

  • terminations

  • E-mail support

  • Customer Research

  • Telephone needs assessment

  • Telephone product presentation

  • Collection and maintenance of the database

  • Order processing