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Inbound Call Center

Two years after entering the market, German companies entrusted their initial telephone contact to the Baruti call center employees. Meanwhile, the German-speaking call center in Kosovo serves Baruti companies from various areas in daily customer contact via telephone, e-mail and social media.


As a proactive partner, Baruti assists you in the continuous optimization of inbound customer conversations.

Baruti is an experienced call center service provider for inbound customer calls that include the following requirements:

  • Telephone and e-mail customer support

  • Customer care

  • Classic answering services or hotlines

  • IT support

  • Complaint management

  • Office Administration

  • Calendar management

  • Processing the customer database



  • Complaint management

  • Infoline (prices and products)

  • Order change

  • Track and Trace 

  • Introduction Special information

  • Ordering Information

  • Cancellation averts

Travel industry

  • Flight bookings

  • Reclassifications

  • Cancellations

  • Information about bookings

  • Quoting

  • Sale additional products

  • Customer advisory

  • Complaints management

  • Cancellation averts

  • Backoffice activities

Fleet managment

  • Customer care

  • Customer invoices

  • Data management

  • E-mail support

  • General accounting activities

  • Digitalization of bills

Furnishing market

  • Call answering

  • Gaining prospective customers

  • Inbound sales

  • Termination

  • Reporting

  • Statistics preparation

  • Check & edit e-catalogues

  • E-mail support

Directory platform

  • Call answering

  • Ticketing

  • E-mail support

  • Organization events

  • Recommendation Events

  • Coordination with hotels

Online shop

  • Customer care

  • Shipment information

  • Price information

  • Product information

  • Ticketing

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