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Baruti - The German-speaking call center in Kosovo

Baruti makes it possible: Thanks to our ideal location for recruiting German-speaking staff in Kosovo, our high-quality work and our excellent reputation, we are the ideal partner to cover your needs for inbound, outbound and market research in German. We ensure the right match between customers and employees.

What makes Baruti so special

German language in Kosovo

As a Swiss company, we have identified Kosovo as an ideal location for setting up a German-speaking call center. The close relationship between Kosovars and the diaspora in the DACH region has established the German language as the first foreign language in Kosovo.

We are your Swiss partner for German-speaking call center services from Kosovo.

Swiss quality

We are constantly improving the quality of our work in order to grow with the demands of our German customers.


We would be pleased to advise, support and accompany you to obtain your customer service in German from Kosovo.

Careful employee selection

We select our employees carefully and thanks to our excellent reputation in Kosovo we can recruit them efficiently and promptly. We involve you in the selection of employees at the right time: You will be given a veto right in the recruitment process and can thus play a decisive role in shaping the call center team set up for you.

What Baruti does


Our employees serve your customers via call and e-mail channels as if they were your own employees, only better and cheaper.


We are the benchmark leader for various clients in the qualification of leads and actively support you in achieving your growth goals.

Market research

Since 2012 we carry out telephone interviews in Germany for 4 of the 10 largest German market research institutes.

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